About us

Arofine Polymers is the ecofriendly manufacturers of industrial adhesives. We are leading the way to a sustainable, ecologically focused industry. With more than 9 brands, 5 countries and a prevalent customer base to its credit, Arofine Polymers is forging associations across industries, regulating innovations and revolutionizing product creation.

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Client Testimonials

  • “We’ve been using Stack to prototype designs quickly and efficiently. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the style and value.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Interface Designer — Yoke
  • “I've been using Medium Rare's templates for a couple of years now and Stack is without a doubt their best work yet. It's fast, performant and absolutely stunning.”
    Lucas Nguyen
    Freelance Designer
  • “Variant has been a massive plus for my workflow — I can now get live mockups out in a matter of hours, my clients really love it.”
    Rob Vasquez
    Interface Designer — Yoke

Nationwide Distribution Network

  • 80+ Distributors across all key industrial hubs in India
  • Direct Sales Outlet in Pune and Mumbai

Arofine's bond of confidence with its users is growing stronger everyday. This is reflected as adhesive touch in our lives through a range of products - from stationary, flooring, consumer goods, textile, furniture to electronic goods and many more.